At R-CON, our consultants are professionals who can bring to an assignment specialized skills and expertise that may not exist in your organization. We can bring the ability to solve problems quickly from handling similar situations repeatedly. We can help move a project along in a timely fashion because we are project oriented and free from internal responsibilities.

R-CON NDT provides a full line of NDT equipment & supplies in the areas of Radiography, Ultrasonics, Magnetic Particle, Remote Visual Inspection, Liquid Penetrant, and Eddy Current. From ultrasonic couplant to Real-Time radiographic inspection systems, R-CON NDT can solve your inspection needs.

R-CON NDT is an authorized representative and distributor for industry leaders including GE Inspection Technologies, Sonatest, Pacsess, Magnaflux, Parker Research, Met-L-Chek, Gould-Bass, and many more. R-CON NDT’s expertise combined with excellent equipment manufacturer’s allows us to solve your inspection needs quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.


R-CON consultants are knowledgeable in new and existing materials, and specialize in Advanced Composite Inspection. R-CON is made up of individuals from the aerospace industry and they can apply that knowledge to your specific needs.

Programs Offered

Level III Representation
R-CON provides Level III services as an outside agency to develop certification programs, train and examine NDT personnel. Our Level III personnel are certified in accordance with CP-189 and NAS 410.

Process Consulting
R-CON can determine what NDT method works best for a given application and will work with your company on equipment selection.

Trouble Shooting
R-CON can perform problem solving or trouble shooting. As stated above, our consultants can solve problems quickly from handling similar situations repeatedly. We can help guide companies through testing problems without costly research and development.

Technical Writing
R-CON’s Level III consultants have experience in writing specifications, procedures and techniques and will ensure conformance to required standards and specifications.

R-CON’s Level III experience in surveillance can aid in audit preparation by performing pre-audits to define possible problem areas.