The ERESCO MF4 portable industrial X-ray generators are designed for reliability in some of the world’s toughest conditions. The new user interface for controlling and monitoring the X-ray setup features graphic visualization and menu driven operation to optimize productivity. The robust construction of the control and the tube heads make them suitable for operation in ruggged environments. Due to its low power consumption, not only is energy cost reduced, but operation with portable power supplies are made easier. Special power electronics allow for an alternative operation in the field as well as integration into crawlers. Even with reduced weight, the new tube heads comply with the strict requirements of the European X-ray regulations.

The ERESCO MF4 generates a high X-ray dose which allows the shortest exposure time that results in higher productivity by using modern compact electronics to minimize weight and provide a high power output with extremely low ripple, together with a sturdy metal ceramic X-ray tube.Latest ERESCO 300 MF4-R tube e.g. brings geometric magnification and exposure time reduction to film based and digital radiography based weld inspection.
Eresco 2

Features include:

  • Highest power output, with best image definition in its class
  • High X-ray dose permitting short exposure times with associated increases in productivity
  • Operation with 100% Duty Cycle at 30°C
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Robust construction of control and tube heads allowing operation in rugged environments (IP65)
  • Low power consumption allows for longer battery life, flexible operation with portable power supplies or battery packs and less energy use
  • On-Board power electronics allow autonomous operation and integration within crawlers
  • Range of designs, including air-cooled, panoramic output and small focal spot
  • Wide range of accessories, including stands and carriages to facilitate positioning during exposure setup


Portable Digital Control Unit

The portable ERESCO X-ray digital control features modern, power electronics and is ruggedly constructed to withstand heavy use in the field. The MF4 Control facilitates a ergonomical interaction concept for safe and efficient operation unit operation. Several on-board features, such as Exposure Calculator, Parameter Monitoring or Programming / Reporting tools are simplifying inspections. A large, back-lit, full graphic, transreflective display allows easy viewing even in very strong sunlight and provides details of the system status in up to 19 languages supporting different character-sets. All operating and setup parameters can be entered by means of function keys, an alphanumeric keypad and cursor keys. Menu driven interfaces complete the ease of use. Alternatively setup parameters can be retrieved from a bank of 250, pre-entered exposure programes, stored in a non-volatile memory. In addition, these programs can be uniquely named or commented and can be downloaded, modified, uploaded and achieved. In power operation, the maximum tube current is calculated and set, so minimising exposure times. Besides interfaces for warning lamps, interlocks and pumps, the MF4 control also offers a serial interface for external control or communication with PC based tools.

Download Data sheet ERESCO MF4 Portable Industrial X-ray Generators