R-CON NDT provides regularly scheduled Level I and Level II training classes in the five basic NDT methods. Each class is taught by a certified Level III in the applicable method. Classes are structured according to the guidelines of SNT-TC-1A and CP-189. Each course can be tailored to your inspection facilities needs and requirements. Every course consists of modules that include both classroom lectures and hands on training. Course materials include visual aids, student hand-outs, test standards, and a certificate upon completion.

R-CON NDT provides Training Classes at various locations throughout the United States. Classes can also be conducted at your facility.

In addition to offering standard NDT training courses, R-CON NDT also offers courses for specific applications and industries.

Level I & II Method Training

Method Level I Hours Level II Hours
Eddy Current 12 40
Liquid Penetrant 8 8
Magnetic Particle 12 8
Radiography 40 40
Ultrasonics 40 40

Eddy Current for Aviation

Two Eddy Current courses are available for the Aviation Industry.

The first course is a 40 Hour class similar to a Level I and Level II course that includes all the fundamentals of eddy current inspection. Emphasis is on eddy current inspection of in-service aircraft components. Several typical aircraft inspection procedures are discussed and demonstrated with the proper equipment and standards.

The second course is a 24 Hour Recurrent class given to students who have already been through a 40 class but need a better understanding of how eddy current is used in the Aviation Industry. It is also an excellent class for Aviation companies who want or require their inspectors to seek recurrent or refresher courses periodically. This course begins with a review of the eddy current fundamentals and then focuses on the various applications used in Aviation.