R-CON NDT is the industry leader in providing training for the inspection of composite materials. With over 50 years of combined composite inspection experience, R-CON NDT will familiarize the student with the different types of manufacturing processes and how they can be inspected. In each of our three classes, all NDT methods used to inspect composites are discussed.

Course 1

Introduction to NDT of Advanced Composites

This one day course introduces the student to composites and the methods used to nondestructively evaluate them. The class discusses manufacturing processes, NDT methods, specifications and procedures, and includes a hands-on demonstration of ultrasonics and bond testing. This course is intended for any person who needs to understand what role NDT plays in the composite industry.

  • NDT methods used for composites
  • Defect Terminology
  • Composite Standards
  • Materials & Manufacturing
  • NDT Methods – Ultrasonic, Visual, Bond Testing, Thernography, Laser Shearography

Course 2

NDT of Composites

In this three day (24 hour) course, the student becomes familiar with composites and the nondestructive test methods used to inspect them. Emphasis is on ultrasonic inspection and the various techniques used for the inspection of composites. The course includes types of defects sought, the use of reference standards, procedures and acceptance criteria, and advanced inspection methods. Both classroom lecture and hands-on labs are included. The course is intended for Level I, II, and III technicians, as well as engineers and managers who are directly involved with NDT of composites. This course is intended for any person who has the need to understand what role NDT plays in the composite testing field.

Materials & Manufacturing
  • Composite Materials
  • Laminates
  • Bonds
Defect Terminology
  • Delam
  • Porosity
  • Cracks
  • Unbonds/Disbonds
Introduction to NDT Methods
  • Ultrasonic, Visual
  • Bond Testing, Thermography
  • Laser Shearography, Eddy Current
NDT Methods Specific
  • Ultrasonic
  • Through Trans.
  • Pulse Echo
  • Bond Testing
  • Pitch Catch
  • Resonance
  • Mia
  • Tap Testing
Composite Standards
  • Laminate
  • Bond
  • Delam, Unbond/Disbond
  • Porosity, Crack

Course 3

Advanced NDT of Composites

This three day course deals with situations that the NDT technician will encounter in the inspection of composite materials. It is intended for individuals who have attended Course 1 or who already have a good working knowledge of NDT and composite materials. In addition to a brief review of the material contained in Course 1, it discusses in detail items such as visual inspection prior to NDT, discontinuity characterization and sizing, damage and repair inspections, typical ultrasonic techniques, and abilities and limitations of each NDT method. Both classroom lecture and hands-on labs with different types of equipment are included.

Course 4

Bondmaster Training

This is a 2 day (16 hour) course that introduces the student to composites, NDT methods, and the Bondmaster multi-mode composite tester. The Bondmaster training course is set in a classroom environment and covers definitions, NDT methods used to inspect advanced composites, Bondmaster and modes of operation. The course also includes hands on training with the Bondmaster. This course is intended for any person who has the need to understand bond testing of composite laminates and core assemblies.

NDT Methods Used for Composites
  • Ultrasonic, Tap Testing, Thermography
  • Shearography
Defect Terminology
  • Delams, Cracks, Unbonds
  • Disbonds, Prosity

Composite Standards

Materials & Manufacturing
  • Laminates
  • Introduction, Applications
  • Modes: Resonance, Pitch/Catch Swept
  • Pitch Catch Impulse, Mia, Probes
  • Application Guide