D-702 is a special application high temperature inspection developer, form “f”, used with high temperature visible penetrant VP-302 to enhance detection of surface cracks and porosity on hot surfaces. The use range is 51.6 ˚C – 176.6 ˚C (125˚F -350˚F). D-702 is applied after the surface penetrant has been removed. D-702 is applied by spraying, either from a portable compressed gas spray pack or by conventional spray gun. The developer consists of absorbent powder suspended in a volatile solvent blend. The developer particles will settle out upon standing, requiring agitation prior to application. It dries quickly and produces a thin white film, which is easily removed with water after inspection. This type of developer contains flammable solvents and should not be used in confined spaces or near open flames or sparks. The use on hot surfaces does not pose a significant fire hazard.