GE DXR250RT Real-Time Digital Detector Array

Designed for industrial use, the DXR250RT real-time digital detector array provides the highest image quality in a rugged production environment. The DXR250RT allows for easy detection of subtle indications. Utilizing Endurance™ technology, developed specifically to reduce radiation wear out and to maximize cost savings. GE detectors all incorporate a temperature controller, allowing for longer calibration intervals and quick, consistent images. DXR250RT provides application results efficiently with a cycle time reduction.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Quick image acquisition rates (30 fps) with full-resolution and corrections applied
  • Endurance™ scintillator technology for optimal image quality and lag
  • Temperature controlled for stable offsets over longer periods, enabling more consistent imaging and fewer calibrations

Detector Characterization Charts

The detector characterization charts provided below are completed in accordance to ASTM E2597-07 Standard Practice for the Manufacturing Characterization of Digital Detector Arrays. This standard allows for the direct comparison of DDAs by ensuring data is collected and reported in a consistent and specified manner. The standard also enables guidance for the appropriate pairings of detectors with applications.

Pixels are identified as bad per one or more of the seven definitions described in the ASTM E2597-07 document. The pixels marked as bad will be corrected through GE’s software utilizing data collected from good neighborhood pixels.


  • High throughput castings.
  • Pipe manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Integrated manipulation systems
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