E-58D Emulsifier

For immersion the use range is 17 – 20 % or 1 part emulsifier to 4 parts water. The concentration is controlled by using a brix refractometer and a concentration chart. For spray applications the concentration is kept below 5 %. In immersion applications the penetrant covered part is given a quick water wash and then immersed into the gently agitated emulsifier from 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending upon the part surface roughness. The part is removed and washed. The pre-rinse step may be omitted for the spray application method of the emulsifier.

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E-58D is a Method D (hydrophilic) inspection penetrant emulsifier approved to AMS-2644 for use with FP-94,FP- 93A(M),FP-95A(M), andFP-97A(M) fluorescent (Type 1) post emulsifiable penetrants. Method D emulsifiers are used either by immersion or spray on. The emulsifier is diluted with water to the desired working concentration.