Exclusively designed for industrial use, targeting all classes in both ASTM and CEN standards, the IPS, IPC2 and IPU Imaging Plates from GE Inspection deliver superior image quality, exposure speed and enhanced life.

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Baker Hughes IPS, IPC2, and IPU Phosphor Imaging Plates

The combination of a wide dynamic range and exposure latitude results in substantial reduction of downtime and greater throughput. Both plates are the latest high-tech components of Baker Hughes computed radiography systems for industrial applications.

Discover Superior Image Quality:

The storage phosphor in the IPS features excellent homogeneity and short response time. The previous pixel is fully faded before the laser stimulates the next one and, as a result, a very high level of sharpness and Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) is obtained. The IPS imaging plate is ideal for weld inspection, castings and honeycomb structure applications.

The storage phosphor in the IPC2 features high absorption efficiency with excellent homogeneity. This results in an extremely fast plate with higher image quality and better SNR than our traditional IPC. The IPC2 imaging plate is ideal for erosion-corrosion inspection applications.

The new IPU plates offer excellent sharpness resulting in improved probability of detection compared with other plates in the GE range and are ideally suited for highly critical, specialist applications involving castings and weld inspections.

Enjoy enhanced durability and lifespan:

Baker Hughes IPC2 plates are protected by an Electron-Beam-Cured (EBC) topcoat. This is proprietary technology for hardening a pre-polymer lacquer coat into a high-density polymer shield protecting the phosphor layer. The results are superb resistance to mechanical wear and extensive immunity to chemical cleaning solutions. Overall, you’ll enjoy greater return on your investment.

Profit from greater efficiency:

The storage phosphors on our CR plates have a wide dynamic range, resulting in high tolerance conditions and a larger degree of freedom in selecting the used exposure dose. In addition, the wide exposure latitude of these imaging plates in many cases allows the visualization of all information with a single exposure – e.g. thick and thinner material. Combined, these features have the effect of drastically reducing the retake rate, helping substantially reduce downtime and/or facilitate higher throughput.


IPS Phosphor Imaging Plates

  • Aerospace – Multi-layer inspection, honeycombs, weld inspection
  • Power Generation – Weld inspection, turbines
  • Automotive – Casting inspection

IPC2 Phosphor Imaging Plates

  • Oil & Gas – Pipeline inspection, wall thickness Measurement
  • Other – Ballistic research, package inspection
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