Waygate Technologies: Our best-in-class detection –

built into your systems

With the DXR 100S-41M and DXR 200S-41M solutions, we are offering our industry-proven, Dynamic 41 detector technology as a standalone package for retrofits of existing X-ray facilities – from film to Digital Detector Array and image-intensifier based systems. The detectors combine increased sensitivity with higher, consistent image quality, a larger imaging area, faster frame rates, adaptive imaging modes, and a longer lifespan.

The package solutions are designed for application in the engineering and production facilities of the aerospace, aviation, automotive, power generation and medical devices industries, among others. Next to our detectors with a pixel size of 100nm or 200nm that can both be wall or floor mounted,  they include a PC with our patented Rhythm Review and Rhythm Insight RT software as well as all equipment needed for the installation and image transfer.  

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